For the Women Living in a World Where Men Leave

Trust is not something to be given out willy nilly. It takes time to build, to earn, and effort to keep. As we grow up we slowly learn who to trust and who not to, and how to hold ourselves back from trusting too easily. This is healthy because it helps us have wisdom and prevent our hearts from suffering from unnecessary pain. However, that … Continue reading For the Women Living in a World Where Men Leave


I feel a mix of emotions this evening sitting here by the clock tower on campus, listening to the geese down by the pond and watching the sky grow darker. When I left campus two days ago it was still buzzing with life despite the number of people who had already left for the summer. Now I’m back and everything’s quiet. Another summer at Roberts … Continue reading Transition

Loving Your Imperfections

Odds are if you ask someone what quality they don’t like about themselves, they’re going to have an answer for you. Maybe it’s their hair, their voice, their poor eyesight, their timidness, their talkativeness, their impulsiveness, their indecisiveness. It’s easy for us to look at these things and say, “If only this thing was fixed then I’d be so much better.” There are days when … Continue reading Loving Your Imperfections


In our society it’s normal to be overly stressed. We somehow think it validates our lives to over-commit and that if we have down time we aren’t working hard enough. Well that is so, so wrong on so many levels and it’s something I’ve been working on over the past year. In Spain I learned a lot about how to enjoy life without all that … Continue reading Lost