At church last Sunday we sang a song called “Surrounded” by Michael W. Smith. The lyrics say: “This is how I fight my battles It may look like I’m surrounded but I’m surrounded by You” I was lying on my bed this afternoon after a long past four days listening to this song. I was thinking about all the different kinds of battles we face: … Continue reading Battles


What a beautiful word: restoration. Three morphemes re (again) + store (to keep for the future) + ation (result of an action). It makes me think of a store, once full of valuable goods, but who’s shelves are now nearly bare after being opened up to the consumer world for so long. When the store is restocked with valuable goods, it has been restored to … Continue reading Restoration

For the Women Living in a World Where Men Leave

Trust is not something to be given out willy nilly. It takes time to build, to earn, and effort to keep. As we grow up we slowly learn who to trust and who not to, and how to hold ourselves back from trusting too easily. This is healthy because it helps us have wisdom and prevent our hearts from suffering from unnecessary pain. However, that … Continue reading For the Women Living in a World Where Men Leave